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Quick take

Action/adventure : a couple of Icelandic naked dog-headed characters are assaulted by a third naked dog-headed character. A big fight ensues.


Adam Gudmunsson and Eva Hardardottir are two Icelandic dog-headed newlyweds honeymooning on the Moeidur cliffs. Kristjan, Adam's jealous brother, has followed them in the hope that he will somehow convince his sister-in-law that she should have married him instead. They argue and Eva rejects him. The couple thinks that Kristjan has gone back to Reykjavik, but in fact he now plans to murder them while they are walking on the narrow bridge that clings to the cliff wall.

Will kids want to see it ?

Adam, Eva and Kristjan, being animal-headed like many cartoon characters, will attract young children. The somehow adult plot is likely to confuse and disappoint them.

Our word to parents

The adult plot, nudity and potential ensuing violence do not make this picture suitable for children under 18. The false title about "dancers" and the animal shape of the characters are likely to draw in children, particularly those fond of dance or animals. The authors have clearly disregarded this possibility, and we do not dare to believe that this was intentional. Also, the clueless and selfish murdering intentions of Kristjan, as well as his bloody fate at the foot of the cliff are morally disputable and confusing for children and even young adults.

Alcohol or drug use

Though we do not see any alcohol or drugs in the picture, the gaudy colours of the cliff walls and the symbolic (?) stars right above each character's head hint at intoxicating substances. In this light, Kristjan's behaviour would suggest that he has drunk a lot. The newlyweds, who seem quite light-headed and unaware of the present danger, may have smoked pot.


We do not see any blood, but, since Adam & Eva are the heroes, it's clear that they will survive and reduce Kristjan to a bloody mess when they throw him down the cliff.

Disrespectful/bad attitude

Kristjan does not respect neither the sanctity of matrimony nor his brother and sister-in-law's feelings for each other. Also, planning to murder them can be construed as a bad attitude.


Nothing is heard, but one can suspect Kristjan of swearing loudly in Icelandic. The fact that Eva looks at him implies that he made too much noise to sneak up on them stealthily enough. Possibly, Adam an Eva swear a little too when they see him approach.



Uninformed viewers could be misled by the title and construe the image as a modern dance scene, thus missing the grim story line with its extreme and blatant violence.

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