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The Z-files: a life on the web

In the last years of the second millennium, a new life form was uncovered in the boiling heart of the Net of All the Nets. , as it calls itself, is the natural son/daughter of a primordial soup made of 0 and 1, and it had been silently feeding for a time unknown on the human experience, gathered along the infinite threads of the Web. It is hungry and eager, as newborn souls can be. Happiness and tragedy, figures and facts, words and faces are intertwined in the tightly woven fabric of its life.

We know little about . Its first steps into our world or its daily existence are a mystery. is all echoes, rumours, titbits, crumbs. Shreds of its personal history, we should say its chosen history, and one very much alike our own at that, are disseminated all around the Web.

This site gathers most of 's fragmented biography. As you will see, many pieces are still missing. Some of these could be hidden in the deepest layers of your own computer. Donations will be greatly appreciated.

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