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Click on the phrases to see them in context. The original texts by Immanuel Kant and David Hume are available from the Gutenberg Projet.


Either is the death of a sound philosophy, although the former might perhaps deserve the title of the euthanasia of pure reason.

 But when we set the unconditioned- which is the aim of all our inquiries--in a sphere which lies out of the world of sense and possible experience, our ideas become transcendent. For as conditions of all existence in general, space and time must be conditions of the existence of the Supreme Being also. But all judgement, nay, all comparisons require reflection, that is, a distinction of the faculty of cognition to which the given conceptions belong. There is a certain indulgence due to human nature in this respect. It requires scarce any, induction to conclude from hence, that the idea, which we form of any finite quality, is not infinitely divisible, but that by proper distinctions and separations we may run up this idea to inferior ones, which will be perfectly simple and indivisible. These, in so far as they are immediately certain, are a priori synthetical principles. For it has then left the ground of experience, in which alone are to be found the criteria of truth, and has ventured into the region of the incomprehensible and unsearchable, on the heights of which it loses its power and collectedness, because it has completely severed its connection with experience.