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Click on the phrases to see them in context. The original texts by Immanuel Kant and David Hume are available from the Gutenberg Projet.


the universe of thought, or my impressions and ideas.

 For the common understanding thus finds itself in a situation where not even the most learned can have the advantage of it. Understanding accordingly limits sensibility, without at the same time enlarging its own field. Or, SECONDLY, That it runs into the other similar and correspondent views, and gives them a superior degree of force and vivacity. To which we may add, that where the riches or power are very great, and render the person considerable and important in the world, the esteem attending them, may, in part, be ascribed to another source, distinct from these three, viz. Non defensoribus istis Tempus eget. [*Footnote; The proof of this rests on the represented unity of intuition, by means of which an object is given, and which always includes in itself a synthesis of the manifold to be intuited, and also the relation of this latter to unity of apperception.] Hence such judgements may be obviously false, and yet, taken problematically, be conditions of our cognition of the truth. But, it will be said, must we not warn the youth entrusted to academical care against such writings, must we not preserve them from the knowledge of these dangerous assertions, until their judgement is ripened, or rather until the doctrines which we wish to inculcate are so firmly rooted in their minds as to withstand all attempts at instilling the contrary dogmas, from whatever quarter they may come? Now as it is by establishing the rule for the stability of possession, that this passion restrains itself; if that rule be very abstruse, and of difficult invention; society must be esteemed, in a manner, accidental, and the effect of many ages.