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The prince
The prince

Here comes a Prince, turned into a frog by a disgruntled Wizard. The frog wanders in a nearby swamp until he meets a Princess, who kisses him and turns him back into a Prince, so they can have kids and be happy ever after. But there are other variations to that story :

  • The Prince retains some of his amphibian nature and the Princess ends up giving birth to dozens of tadpoles. Prince and Princess turn the castle into a terrarium and start breeding flies to feed their offspring.
  • The ?ever after? bit is so cliché. In real life, the Prince dies of prostate cancer; the Princess catches Alzheimer's disease, which explains why she kissed a frog in the first place.
  • The Prince is be perfectly happy with being a frog. Not only flies taste good, but the position has little of the inconveniences of ruling power e. g. treaties, wars, riots, treacheries, plots, murders. As a bonus, female frogs are much more easygoing than Princesses, and much sexier, so the Prince has no real need for a Princess.
  • When in his frog-state, the Prince sired a good many frogs. His rejected, dispossessed bastard frog sons foment a revolution with the help of peasantry allied with the rising bourgeoisie, depose the Prince and put one of them in his stead. Which frog could be a problem though, the damn critters all look alike.
  • The Princess is short sighted, steps on the frog by mistake and crushes it, a funny moment captured on video and that ends up on YouTube.
  • The Princess is French and eats the frog.
  • The Princess refuses to kiss the frog, because it's not in her contract to kiss slimy animals. Furry ones with Bambi eyes are OK, though rarely found in ponds.
  • The Princess? kiss fails and does not turn the frog back into a Prince, leaving both of them with a slimy aftertaste and sorely disappointed with life, fate and the ending of fairy tales.
  • The Princess's kiss turns the frog into a two-headed aardvark. Reinstating the aardvark as head of state raises hairy constitutional issues.
  • The frog is turned back into another Princess (it's hard to tell males from females in some species). Some ponytailed constitutional issues etc.
  • Kissing the frog turns the Princess into a frog herself. Tadpoles follow.
  • Kissing the frog turns it into a Very Big Frog, ox-sized. The search for a Very Big Princess starts.
  • Back into his human form, the Prince sternly refuses to sleep with a Princess with abominable kinky sexual preferences such as kissing frogs she just met. No way that slut will ever bear his children.
  • The Princess is very upset at the Prince's rather unappealing, coarse human form, he who was such a lovely frog. No way she'll ever carry children from that brute.
  • Right after he's turned into a frog, the Princess has a state-coach accident and ends up in a wheelchair. When she gets to the swamp for a frog-kissing session, her wheelchair bogs down and she can't go further. Instead, she takes up kissing rattlesnakes, at least they live on dry ground.
  • As a frog, the Prince turns out to be of an endangered species so that kissing them is strictly forbidden. Nature wardens and barbed wire prevent any frog-kissing, frog-fondling and frog-hugging, but frog-watching is OK.
  • When the Princess arrives to the swamp, she finds hordes of Princesses already canvassing the ground, some using hi-tech frog-detection devices, some just making a lot of noise. Others are not sure about what a ?frog? is and kiss everything that moves, which will leave deep psychological scars to many unfortunate swamp creatures. After a couple of days, the swamp looks like the Azincourt battleground. Little white bellies of poor animals float listlessly around.
  • The Princess kisses the frog, but has an allergy to frog slime that turns her head into a balloon with Wiener-sized puffy lips. She's straight-to-convent after that.
  • Frog slime is hallucinogenic. Hilarity ensues (at first).
  • The Prince has