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Library generator (POV-Ray)


The library macros generate in a random fashion a whole library containing hundreds or thousands of books without having to create and position each one manually. There are 3 macros working together: MakeBook, MakeShelf and MakeLibrary. These macros can also be used independently. For a complete documentation, please refer to each file. Note that these macros were developed for a very specific objective and are therefore not exhaustive in terms of library modeling.

The zip file contains also two demo files: library_new.pov creates a library of modern style books while library_old.pov creates a library of old style books.

MakeBook macro

MakeShelf macro

MakeLibrary macro

The MakeLibrary macro creates a entire library by superposing a variable number of shelves of variable heights.


3D scenes

Library generator  Library generator  Library generator  Library generator 

This 3D object was used in the following pictures :

Lilith (2003) Lilith (1999) 


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