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Click on the verses to see them in context. Shakespeare's plays are available from the Gutenberg Projet.


From whence himself does fly? He loves us not:

 thou loves me, let the porter let in Susan Grindstone and Nell.-- She hath forsworn to love; and in that vow Mad for thy love? And, to sink in it, should you burden love; Ah me! how sweet is love itself possess'd, 
I hate it, and desire all good men's love.--
Hath he set bounds between their love and me?
 Now Romeo is belov'd, and loves again, Cry but 'Ah me!' pronounce but Love and dove; Think true love acted simple modesty. Sir Thomas Lovel and Lord Marquis Dorset, The rest, that love me, rise and follow me. But love thee better than thou canst devise O my lord, if my duty be too bold, my love is too unmannerly. So prosper I, as I swear perfect love! Simple, plain Clarence!--I do love thee so Then know, that from my soul I love thy daughter. As woman's love.