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Click on the verses to see them in context. Shakespeare's plays are available from the Gutenberg Projet.


Lies my consent and fair according voice.

 Sweets to the sweet: farewell. You do not give the cheer: the feast is sold That fair for which love groan'd for, and would die, of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. Oh, oh, oh! Nor cheer of mind that I was wont to have. Thy wit is a very bitter sweeting; it is a most sharp 
Lines of fair comfort and encouragement.

My tongue could never learn sweet smoothing word;
 Madam, good hope; his grace speaks cheerfully. As all the world is cheered by the sun, That fair for which love groan'd for, and would die, Thou art not conquer'd; beauty's ensign yet 
O, help him, you sweet heavens!

 Though news be sad, yet tell them merrily; A choking gall, and a preserving sweet.-- 'To the celestial, and my soul's idol, the most beautified God ye good-den, fair gentlewoman. On this fair corse; and, as the custom is, And thou shalt live in this fair world behind, discourse to your beauty. Mass, and well said; a merry whoreson, ha! With the sweet silent hours of marriage joys: But how long fairly shall her sweet life last? That your good beauties be the happy cause