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Dont waste your time dealing with spam complaints all day long, with little sales on the side.

Automatically Blocking Spam The powerful, effective and intelligent anti-spam tool. A complex Aritificial Intelligence algorithm has been used in Spam Remedy product to detecting legitimate mail messages and spam messages,the technique has more precision than other filter-based and keyword-based anti-spam technologies. Spam Remedy places all intercepted spam messages to its interval mail database so that your inbox remains uncluttered and free of spam. It examines the entire message - source, headers and mail content to confirm whether it is a spam message. WE HATE SPAM!!! If for some reason a legitimate email is flagged as spam, you can easily recover in multiple ways. Email 1000's Of Proven Internet Buyers Direct From Our Server SPAM FREE! It automatically cleans spam messages out of your mailbox before you receive or read them. With Friends List and Rejecting List,you have the chance to decide who are never blocked or directly treat their mail messages as spam.