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The taming of the K
The taming of the K

Day 1 - * is missing. We loo*ed everywhere. He's nowhere to be found. We *alled the police of *ourse. He was always a little strange, a little diffi*ult to live with, but still... Not having him around ma*e things really a*ward, either in speech or in writing.

Day 2 - The police told us how *ommon this is. *'s a grown-up. He's entitled to disappear. They tried to be *omforting, assuring that 90% of the fugitives eventually *ame ba* by their own means in less than a wee*. But what about the remaining 10%? Maria just *an't believe this is happening, the police doing nothing at all. What are we going to do?

Day 3 - We found a note in the *itchen. We had overloo*ed it at first be*ause we thought it to be a shopping list. It says: " I?m si* of it. I li*e you but fran*ly you su* big time. Don't try loo*ing for me. I'll be gone for a while. *". Maria is upset. That's not him, she says. That's not him. He *ould never write something li*e this. We showed the letter to the police, who don't seem to *are that much.

Day 4 - Still no news, or old ones. The day he left, someone saw him hitchi*ing, a mile down the main road. It was strange be*ause one needs a thumb, or at least fingers, to hitchi*e. Maria thin*s he's already dead. Cities are dangerous she said. My little baby, she *ries.

Day 5 - The twi*s are *issi*g too! What have we do*e? We were always a fa*ily. *aria is weepi*g upstairs. There's *othi*g I *a* say, *othi*g I *a* do to *al* her down. Three go*e! We tried to be the best pare*ts, we tried hard, did*?t we? The *ids *ever la*ed of a*ythi*g. *ove, edu*atio*, food, **othes. But where is *!

*ay 20 - **e *o*i*e *ee* *o *e *o**e**e* a* *a**. O**y a *e* o* ou* **i***e* *e*ai*. **e *i***e *o*e** a** **e Y. *e *o*e **e* *o *u**.

*** 26 - K *** ******** * ** ** ** *****. ** **** ** *** *** ******, *** *** ****?* **c****** ***. ** c**** ******** *** * *****