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3D art - 2001
Many different things in 2001, mostly attempts at mastering radiosity in fairly complex scenes in various styles: photorealism, fantasy... and no less than 4 remakes of previous images ! Several pictures used photographs as guidelines. Due to popular demand, the best images were uploaded to Zazzle to be sold as posters, and from now images had to be rendered at very large sizes (3200*2400, then 6400*4800 or even 6000*8000). They also had to be more detailed. This meant more development time and less images... For the first time, the quality of DAZ models made possible good-looking close-ups of photorealistic (female) characters.

Computer:  PC Pentium III 733 with 640 Mb of RAM.


Colours  The call of the wild  The call of the wild  The field (2001)  The hunters 

The citadel  The classroom  The taming of the K  An idol (2001)  The big fight  Udders (2001) 

Birds and bees  Pantheon  Little red riding dragon 

The chasm  The lovers  The chess game  Infinity in my bathroom  Infinity in my bathroom 

Test images

The field (demo version) 

Free 3D scenes and objects for download

The chess game (demo)