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Cliquer sur les vers pour les voir dans leur contexte. Les pièces de Shakespeare sont disponibles auprès du Projet Gutenberg.


To hell, allegiance! vows, to the blackest devil!

 Thou mayst be damned for that wicked deed! I would not be the villain that thou think'st And my imaginations are as foul ========= PRINT THIS NOW FOR YOUR FUTURE REFERENCE========= A damned saint, an honourable villain!-- The devil himself could not pronounce a title 
Ah, gentle villain, do not turn away!
 Search, seek, and know how this foul murder comes. Where is my page?--go, villain, fetch a surgeon. And oft 'tis seen the wicked prize itself 
Search, seek, and know how this foul murder comes.
 Was't Hamlet wrong'd Laertes? Never Hamlet: That foul defacer of God's handiwork; Shall in the general censure take corruption O monstrous, monstrous! and so falls it out Geese, villain? No hat upon his head; his stockings foul'd, Villains, set down the corse; or, by Saint Paul, That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain; That fears a painted devil. If he do bleed,