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Refinance - Lower Your Monthly Payments Each easy-to-understand step is designed to remove negative credit remarks on each of the major credit bureau files, legally! Name on Credit Card: You then go on-line to our computers to find the debtor and their assets. Go here for our short Mortgage Form! Q. Why do I have to give my Credit Card Information? Credit Card Number: Right now in the United States there is between 200 and 300 billion dollars of uncollected Money Judgment debt . You need to have a GOOD to EXCELLENT credit rating.
*Had Trouble With Your Credit Report?
Once you find the debtor and their assets you file garnishments and liens on the assets you have located. Our reporting capability is so extensive that government agencies, police officers, attorneys, credit agencies etc., all come to us for reports. There are over 86,000 mórtgage companies in the U.S., which means the process of finding the best loan for you can be a very difficult one.