Oyonale - 3D art and graphic experiments
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3D art - 1998
A transition year, mostly spent investigating object-building macros that allowed the creation of complicated, bizarre constructs like the "Cathedral" or the spiky fellow from "Cactusman". I also discovered instanciation, i.e. the ability for POV-Ray to duplicate identical meshes with little memory cost, like in "Idol". Pictures like this one and "Last date" could now be more ambitious. The various "hand" and "fingerprints" images were created for the poster of a digital art show that never took off (the potential organiser just disappeared).


The hunters (1998)  Cemetery  Cemetery  Scales  Scales  An idol (1998) 

Last date before the end of the world  Rigor mortis  Ships  The births of Z #1  The births of Z #2  The births of Z #3 

The births of Z #4  The births of Z #5  The births of Z #6  The births of Z #7 

Atlas  Cactusman  The cathedral  Social climbing  The print: motherhood  The print: fatherhood  The print: tracks  The print 

The print (first version)  Breaking out  The cliff  La selva de las palabras  Holiday  Begging for lies  Sine City (gold)  Sine City (green) 

The prey  The prey  Cleanliness  Reunion  Statue