Oyonale - 3D art and graphic experiments
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3D art - 1993
POV-Ray, Year 0. I explored the software, doing "realistic" images, or "comic book" images, testing features one after another. The real fun started after few months when I realised that there was no obligation to create realistic scenes. At this time, POV-Ray was certainly better suited at fantasy.

Harware: PC 386 with MS-DOS and 4 Mb of RAM.


Fields  Spider  Bizarre  Blob 1  Blobs 2  Reflective spheres on a checkered plane 

Reflective spheres on a checkered plane  Brittany: fog  Brittany: sunset  Brittany: sun  Brittany: night  Brittany: rain 

Mushroom  The field (1993)  The hunters (1993)  Half-moon  Drawing 1  Drawing 3 

Fjord  Griffe  Heron  Holland  Building  The big fight (1993) 

Lamps  Larmor  Machine  Magritte  Swamp  Jellyfish 

Nests  Fear  Piano  Piano  Indoor scene  Beach 

Poisson  Poutres  The rest of the soul weighers  Pink landscape  Spire  Tigers 

Pipes  Garden  Virus! 

Commercial works

Scattered data  Collected data