Oyonale - 3D art and graphic experiments
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3D art - 1995
A technique where the human and animal form is de facto prohibited has real limitations... There are many workarounds to this problem here: creatures made of blobs, trees made with a L-parser, tiny Moray models and many image maps used to simulate a cow, a horse, and even Claudia Schiffer and Marylin Monroe (twice each). However, 1995 was also the year of the Web, and 16 of these images were featured on my first website at the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel.

Computer: PC 486 with 4 Mb of RAM.


The anechoic chamber  The long wait (1995)  Birds  Balconies  Berlin  Jar 

Countryside  Chestnuts  Dublin  Grostrou  In vitro (1995)  Udders (1995) 

Swamp  Pieces  Wall of sound  Nemo  Clouds  My dad and I 

Piliers  Tables  Temple  Meats 

Necklaces  Lover  Mona Lisa 

Commercial works