Oyonale - 3D art and graphic experiments
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3D art - 1999
Until then, the images were often of the "one idea, one technique" kind. With more experience and more computer power, the pictures could become more ambitious in scope, like "Mouseless" and "Harvest time". Poser models were everywhere now. Thanks to Ron Parker's Superpatch, uv-mapping was also available, which made possible zebras, frog and head textures, and for the first time a realistic naked female character right in the foreground.  Radiosity was still experimental and the results were far from perfect but the technique was too good to miss so I used it more frequently, as in "Eve" and "Waiting for Noah".


Eve in the morning  In her world  The flood  Lilith (1999)  Waiting for Noah  The birth of an ocean 

Lost! (1999)  The streets of the Serengeti  Stage fright 

The construction workers  Harvest time  Mouseless  First lights  Learning to fly 

Commercial works

Poster for a trade meeting