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The thin wall
The thin wall

Artwork created in 2000

Behind the wall: building the Thin wall

Renderer: POV-Ray (Megapov 0.7)

Conceptual IRTC topics like this one are easier to work on than literal ones like "Water" or "Fortress", because they allow for a lot of artistic freedom. Here the main idea came up quickly. There were several appealing prospects in it. First, I wanted to work with Michael and Victoria, the new high-resolution models from DAZ, that I hadn't used in a complete image until now. Also, making a house scene with realistic props was relatively new to me. Also, I was eager to use my newly-acquired radiosity knowledge.

So I stopped my current project and drafted the new one in one afternoon on my portable. Version 4 looked like this:

As one can see the main structure is already in place in the first draft. It used low-res Poser 3 models and placeholders for the main props. In fact, I was so impatient to use the DAZ models that I made a Vicky and Mickey version as soon as possible and downloaded a few props. See version 6:

After that, it was time to do some little work… I first dedicated my efforts to the bathroom. modeling the props, making textures etc. Version 12 is very close to the final scene:

In fact, after further modeling, new textures, new hair and some clothes, I considered this part of the picture to be final in version 17.

For some time, I had fun playing with another point of view. It was first done to check for some possible mistakes, but this new take became eventually an independant image, Infinity in my bathroom, that would be finished in August 2001!

I showed this image to the French povray newsgroup, and while the reaction was quite positive, a few people found the image too yellow.

Actually, I tend to drown scenes in one dominant hue, which reflects my lack of colour sophistication. So I changed the lighting and instead of having one yellow light colouring the white walls, I had a white light, yellow walls, and let radiosity do the work.

Version 19a was my first test of this new lighting environment: too red

... Version 19b was more like it.

After that, completing the left part of the house was less complicated: modeling the couch, TV, the magazine etc. There was one problem though: the image didn't feel complete. It's a common feeling with these complex images: one tends to forget the final goal. There were two people sharing the same house, with the blue/yellow and man/woman contrasts right on the topic and so what?

The solution came from the "new angle" pic. Until then, I had used an undersea image for the TV as it projected the right blue-green glow. It didn't make sense. Why this guy would be watching fish movies?

He had already a picture of her on the wall...

... so he might as well look at something more interesting

Now that the final piece of the puzzle was in place, I could launch the final 7-day render which ended on December 26, 2000. A larger render was made in 2001 and took forever.


Some of the objects which I modelled myself are available in the Household objects section of this website.

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