Oyonale - 3D art and graphic experiments
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3D art - 1996
This is the year of Poser. Poser 1 characters were ugly, naked, bald, with no real hands, faces or genitalia, and they took forever to parse, but they were a big improvement on dummies and makeshift solutions. 1996 was also the year of POV-Ray 3, hence the pictures with "crackle", media, buildings and grass (the latter two made possible with loops). I also started doing art exhibitions and a couple of the images in this page were shown in the Digipainters show in Roma the following year.


Carcass  The chargers  Chrysler  Danseurs  Doppel  Indifference, blue room (1996) 

Indifference, yellow room (1996)  Industry  In the jungle  Moon  Mad cow  Meow 

Divers  Hair  Quenouille  The rest of the soul weighers  Rodin  Sofia suburbs 

Soulages  The source (1st version)  The source  Tarzan  Sleepwalking  The bather of Urk 

The fan  Casualty of war 

Laterite  Living  The migrants  The gate  Prions!  The lair