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3D art - 1997
The year of isosurfaces, thanks to Ryoichi Suzuki' Iso-patch. Most of the pictures are based on isosurfaces or other mathematical constructs, like julias. 1997 was also the year of radiosity, a technique that was very slow and difficult to master at the time, with pictures using it: "Alfama" and "Shopping frenzy". Tiny Poser characters could now be found in many images but they were still too ugly. By the way, "Alfama" is possibly one of the first POV-Ray pictures ever to feature radiosity, isosurfaces, user-defined function pigments and a Poser character at the same time. A large part of the year was dedicated to the 6-month rendering of the "Cubicle workers", using several computers...


The giant  The swing  Bruegel  The cubicle workers  Couteaux 

Moving out  The drink  The galery  Glu  Tilling  Shopping frenzy 

Mars  Swimmers  The fishermen  Promised land  Network  Butterflies 

The hive  Alley  The herd 

O sonhador de Alfama  Bamboos  Heifers in the mist  Julia's Island  The reading room  La maesta  To be born or not to be born  Butterflies 

The house of the setting sun